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New Year's Sale!

We’re putting INTAE WOE up for no charge (payment optional) for the next 5 DAYS.

Yep, FREE. Happy 2012 :)

Heartbeat Hotel



We are happy to announce that INTAE WOE is now up and streaming,
and is available for download via bandcamp.

We are also offering a special mail-order deal on our limited edition 12” LPs of this record.
If you would like to buy a copy, please reply to writeheartbeathotel AT gmail.com with your full mailing address (postal) in the body of the email. 
We will then calculate shipping costs, and ask you to send a PayPal transfer for the according amount. Then, we will send you the record and shortly thereafter you will be able to listen to it in full analogue glory.

Toronto fans are also able to hop down to your choice of SOUNDSCAPES, SONIC BOOM, or ROTATE THIS to pick up a copy of the LP (w. download included) —- we will be attempting to infiltrate record stores outside of the GTA shortly…
Whichever path you choose,
we hope you enjoy getting your hands on the latest from Heartbeat Hotel, INTAE WOE.

danglin’ in the hallway of the underground cinema.

Heartbeat Hotel